Adaxa Suite

Adaxa Suite is an ERP Suite which is open source and fully integrated. It’s released under the GPL/GPL2 license, with its code being contributed to the community.

Adaxa Suite is being used in a variety of situations. Among the fields and industries where it’s being used, you can find eCommerce, Retail, Electrical, Government, Services, Manufacture of Agricultural Chemicals, Supply Chain, Distribution, Electronics, Law, Scientific Instruments, Banking and so on.

As for the business areas which are covered by this software, you will find the Integrated POS (Point of Sale), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Asset Management, SCM (Supply Chain Management), Integrated Webstores (such as eGility) and MRP (Material Requirement Planning).

At its core, this software is based on Adempiere, which is a CRM and ERP tool that is open source, used to handle a number of business processes, about which you can read below.

From a financial point of view, this program can be used to be a general ledger and you can do financial reporting, complex banking, use multiple currencies and multiple companies.

In the sales category, the Adaxa Suite can deal with sales reporting, quotes, vendor reporting, order entry and purchase orders.

The CRM aspect of this software allows you to do campaign management, contact management, and to use it as a sales pipeline.

The inventory aspect can be covered as well, thanks to its features which allow for multiple locations and facilities, shipment consolidation and the engine based on customizable rules.

The manufacturing aspect of it is handled by Adaxa thanks to its possibility to do scheduling, production control, MRP, demand management, job costing and infinite BOM.

Adaxa does asset management as well if needed, by using barcodes, tracking, depreciation and a fixed asset register.

If you need reporting, it can offer you that as well, thanks to its reporting tools which are built-in, the reports which can be standard or they can be customized and exported as needed.

Adaxa comes with an integrated POS system with touch screen, giving you compatibility with other modern POS terminals that work the same way.

The software architecture is done on J2EE. The code is written with Java, with the applications server being Jboss and the default database that is used being Postgres. If you need Oracle support, it can be offered as well. Linux is required to run Adaxa Suite.

If you want to learn about Adaxa Suite and what it has to offer, make sure you check out the official site at